Cultured Bees

Making honey from the rooftops of New York cultural institutions

Cultured bees hard at work atop the Brooklyn Museum

Museum of Arts and Design

Located on Columbus Circle at the bottom of Central Park, the museum rooftop is ideally suited for Cultured Bees to forage among the 170 species of trees in the Park and surrounding neighborhoods.

Brooklyn Museum

The venerable 150-year old building presides over one of the highest points in Brooklyn, at the edge of Prospect Park and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

Amber honey with a distinctive flavor

In fall of 2022, we harvested over 60 pounds of dark amber honey with a wonderful flavor from MAD. There is a slight hint of Linden trees from the spring honey flow. Limited supply available soon in the Museum gift shop.

120,000 bees hard at work

In 2022, Brooklyn Museum had two hives with about 60,000 Cultured Bees each. We collected almost 30 pounds of beautiful honey for the museum employees. Next season we hope there will be enough to sell a few jars in the gift shop!

Artsy bees?

Last summer, the Cultured Bees bees on top of MAD took it upon themselves to freeform a bit with some comb, creating their own 3D sculpture out of wax. The all-natural, abstract form now resides on an employee’s desk at the museum.

144,000,000 flowers a day

Each single honey bee pollinates 1200 flowers per day (weather permitting). That means the 120,000 Cultured Bees atop the Brooklyn Museum pollinate almost 144 million flowers in Prospect Park and the local neighborhoods every single day.

MAD honey available at the museum!

MAD rooftop honey is now available at the MAD Museum gift shop!

Cultured Bees returning home at sunset on the Brooklyn Museum

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